Features and benefits of NEST 529.

As far away as it may seem right now, your child will be ready for college in no time. Investing in higher education can make all the difference in the life your child or grandchild will lead. Invest with one of the most customer-focused 529 Plans – the NEST Advisor Plan.

1 Low fees
There's no minimum deposit, no ongoing contribution requirements, and no annual account fee. And there are no income or residency requirements. Save as little or as much as you can…the sooner you start, the better!

2 Flexible
Anyone can open an account regardless of your age, income or state of residence. And, you can change beneficiaries or move money to other beneficiary without penalty as long as the beneficiary is a "member of the family".1

3 Worthwhile tax advantages
Earnings on your investment grow tax-deferred while invested and are tax-free if used for qualified higher education expenses2 at both a federal and state level. Contributions qualify for the federal gift tax exclusion up to $15,000. Learn more

4 State tax benefits
You may also be eligible for state tax or other benefits.* Learn more

5 Use anywhere
Use your funds at virtually any accredited post-secondary public or private school in the United States and some abroad, including a university, graduate school, community college, technical or vocational school nationwide and some abroad.3

6 Anyone can invest for anyone
You can invest for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew, friend, spouse and even for yourself as long as the beneficiary is expected to use funds for higher education.


7 Investment choices to match your savings strategy
Our investment experts have created a low-expense, multi-manager plan just for college savers, made up of respected investment managers from well-known fund families such as American Funds, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard and iShares. Your financial advisor can develop a customized portfolio based on your savings strategy. Learn more

8 Convenience
You can view your account balances, transactions and statements or change your account profile (such as your address) virtually 24/7 at your convenience from the secure Account Access site. Learn more

9 Top rated
The NEST Advisor Plan is consistently recognized by national experts and praised by mom and dad.4

10 Great ways to grow your savings
Our scholarships, contests and drawings give you great opportunities to increase your savings with a deposit from NEST. And, you can always provide an easy way for your family and friends to give a gift contribution to your account. Learn more

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