Individual Investment Options

The NEST Advisor Plan offers 20 Individual Investment Options from well-respected investment managers including American Funds, Dimensional Fund Advisors, Vanguard, iShares; and an FDIC-insured savings account option from First National Bank of Omaha.

A complete description of the risks for each of these individual investments is outlined in each fund's fact sheet and is in the Program Disclosure Statement.

The Individual Investment Options* allow you to create a savings plan that is either more conservative or more aggressive than the Age-Based or Static Investment Options. Choose between the following 20 Individual Investment Options to find a custom savings combination that matches your savings preference.**

Performance differences for the Individual Investment Options (excluding the Bank Savings Individual Investment Option) and their underlying funds may result from differences in the timing of purchases and sales and fees charged.

Account owners do not own shares of the underlying investments, or, in the case of the Bank Savings Individual Investment Option, directly hold a savings account, but rather own an interest in the Individual Investment Option offered by the NEST Advisor Plan.

For prices and performance of all Individual Investment Options click here.

Domestic Equity

US Real Estate

Vanguard REIT ETF Individual Investment Option

International Equity

State Street MSCI®3 ACWI ex USA Index Individual Investment Option4

Vanguard FTSE Emerging Markets ETF Individual Investment Option

Allocation Fund

American Funds The Income Fund of America®

International Bond

DFA World ex-US Government Fixed Income Individual Investment Option

Fixed Income

Money Market

Goldman Sachs Financial SquareSM Government Money Market Individual Investment Option

FDIC Insured

Bank Savings Individual Investment Option


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